Welcome to CNPMentors

CNPMentors is a company founded on the idea that we need quality education, coaching and consulting in the payments, risk and fraud ecosystem beyond events and webinars.

Our two featured services are our  Hybrid Coaching program and our Dispute, Chargeback and Fraud Monitoring Program Rescue Service.  The Hybrid Coaching is meant for merchants of all sizes to get help they need while also colaborating and learning from our experts while the Rescue program is meant to provide rapid results to get you out of Visa and Mastercard’s Monitoring programs fast.

We still also offer full service private consulting for those merchants needing more dedicated and in depth help.


Industry expert, Scott Adams, leads us through the ever important “Dispute Monitoring Programs” and “Introduction to Chargebacks”.  These are free courses covering much needed material.

We will soon be offering more courses, trainings, Live Q&As and Interviews as we expand our outreach and our offerings to help more merchants in our ever changing online world.


We offer consulting in various models so its can. be affordable to merchants of all sizes.  From Self Help Education / “Walk Throughs” to Full Service Consulting.

Our team is experienced in anything from helping small companies and startups figure out payments, to international payments expansion, to account security and data privacy.  

We love helping businesses in the payments and fraud ecosystem succeed.

Featured Service
Monitoring Program Rescue

Merchants are often hit by surprise by the card brand Monitoring programs.  We have helped numerous merchants get out FAST.  We can help you too.

One of our key features is that we help you lower your chargebacks by finding the root cause and then helping you fix the issues.  We do not just subscribe you to alerts and do a ton of refunds.

Featured Service
Hybrid Coaching

Many merchants need help with eCommerce, Payments, Fraud, and Risk and have no where to turn.  Consulting is too expensive, self help websites are too confusing and time consuming.  That’s why we started our Hybrid program.  You get one on one and group coaching plus lots of helpful content and tools all at a cost much lower than most consulting.

Education is Needed

We’ve never liked that there is no way to learn our craft without doing it the hard way.  Most of us have stories of how we got in to Fraud and Payments.  They nearly all start with … “so my company had a chargeback rate of X%” (and that X% is always way over 0.9%).  Let’s change this now.

Do it right the first time

We also believe that merchants shouldn’t start their businesses without understanding payments.  We’ll soon offer a course on the basics of getting setup right the first time and then if you need more help we provide more detailed information and personal help in our Hybrid Coaching or our full service consulting services.

Get Educated, Get Help, and/or Get Involved

No matter your skill level or situation, we’d love to hear from you.  Sign up to get our free mini-course on the Monitoring Programs, contact us for help with your business and/or let us know if you have ideas for our next courses or even if you just have some feedback or want to talk shop.