Mari Perroni Bio

Mari Perroni, CNPMentors Partner and Principal Consultant, is a well known language, culture and international fraud/payments expert who has lived in numerous countries and worked in many industries including Video Games, Localization, Customer Support and even as an English language  teacher.  She’s got 15+ years experience working in customer support and payments/fraud.

Experienced International Language Expert

Mari started her career as an English Language teacher in Brazil after spending a year as an exchange student in the United States. She became passionate about helping people to learn English, but then another opportunity took her away from Brazil again, to Italy and the United Kingdom.  

Once in Italy, while working on needed documents, she remembered her passion for languages and proved herself a natural at speaking yet another language.  For nearly a year, Mari immersed herself in Italian culture and language.  She also volunteered as an interpreter at local hospitals and churches since she found a dire need from English and Portuguese speakers in the community that didn’t understand Italian.   This experience reminded her how much she loves helping people and languages.

International Payments and Fraud

She left Italy and went to the United Kingdom after finding a job at Lego.  She continued her passion for helping people and got acquainted with the world of International Payments/Fraud and Customer Service plus learned that she could combine her love of games and languages.

Being an avid lifelong gamer and huge fan of Runescape, she’d found and gotten her dream job, working at Jagex!  She got to manage the Brazilian community for the game she loved.  While there she held the role of Community Management but also Coordinator for both Brazil and English.  This let her dive deep into Billing / Payments along with localization / translation, player safety and even some product management.  She was one of the Jagex community favorites at live events and online.  She’d really found her calling.

Next up for Mari, was a move back to Brazil to help start a new Player Support team for League of Legends and at Riot Games.  She started out running Billing for Brazil and ended her stay there as the Fraud Manager where she got to dive into Fraud/Risk, which fueled her passion for helping people and also her love of language and culture.  She helped stop a notorious fraudster who was spoofing player accounts and she was able to oversee lowering chargeback rates from well over 3% to under 1% while getting to speak and work live events around the world.

What’s Next?


Currently, Mari is a partner in CNPMentors and a principal consultant, a company that is striving to educate the Payments and Fraud ecosystem while fighting fraud and chargebacks with merchants.


On the personal side


On the personal side, Mari is happily married living in North East Florida.  She has 3 kids, 3 dogs and enjoys reading hardcover books (no not ebooks), hanging out with her family, learning latin ballroom dancing, and continuing her studies of languages (currently improving her business Spanish).  


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