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At CNPMentors we have vast experience in payments, fraud and risk across many verticals from Video Games to Multilevel Marketing (MLM) and Nutra to Direct Response (Internet Marketing). Our founder and chief consultant has 20+ years experience and a vast network of industry insiders to draw upon to help you solve your problems and improve your business.

Featured Service
Hybrid Coaching

Many merchants need help with eCommerce, Payments, Fraud, and Risk and have no where to turn.  Consulting is too expensive, self help websites are too confusing and time consuming.  That’s why we started our Hybrid program.  You get one on one and group coaching plus lots of helpful content and tools all at a cost much lower than most consulting.

If you’re early in a chargeback monitoring program, this could still be for you.  This will often depend on how much work you want to do on your own vs our team doing the heavy lifting.

Featured Service
Monitoring Program Rescue

Merchants are often hit by surprise by the card brand Monitoring programs.  Scott has helped numerous merchants get out FAST.  He can help you too.

This is full service consulting where we dive in deep and find the root causes of your chargebacks and fraud and help you fix them so you back in the safe zone as quick as possible.

We still offer our Primer and Optimization services though these are now also combined in to our Hybrid Coaching program so check that out first and discuss with us if you’d like a more full service and/or targeted engagement. We’re happy to help in whatever way is best for you and your business.

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No matter your skill level or situation, we’d love to hear from you.  Sign up to get our free mini-course on the Monitoring Programs, contact us for help with your business and/or let us know if you have ideas for our next courses or even if you just have some feedback or want to talk shop.